The Real Super Heroes: Our Instructors

Our goal is to bring quality classes to parents in convenient locations throughout the week. But what truly makes our classes successful? The answer to that question is most definitely our devoted and tireless Language teachers.

FLL teachers make our classes truly exceptional. In our selection process, we look for five distinct qualities: native/bilingual fluency, limitless positive energy, creativity, teaching experience with relevant age groups and outstanding communication skills with both children and their parents. Beyond these qualities, though, our teachers bring unique cultural perspectives and professional backgrounds that enable them to create rich, engaging experiences in the classroom. 

Spanish, Mandarin, French and Italian teachers know how to direct the classes so that students experience new vocabulary and grammar through movement, play acting, art and basic conversation. Initially, these challenges are quite simple, but as students are able to grasp more complex exercises, they begin to gain confidence and become proud of their growing knowledge.

I am proud to have such a talented group of professionals in our team.

Melissa Dorsch; Foreign Language League Director 


Meet the Foreign Language League team!

photo Elizabeth Acosta, Spanish Lead Teacher

I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. I began my teaching career at the age of 19 when I taught Elementary school in the jungle of Ecuador to the indigenous people whose native language was "Cayapas", not Spanish. Because of this language difference, I quickly learned that in order to be effective I had to be innovative, engaging, and fun in my teaching style. It was this first teaching experience that sparked my passion to always strive to be an extraordinary teacher. I have carried his passion to every school, classroom and student that I worked with in my 25 year teaching career. As a committed teacher, I am also a lifelong leaner and I actively seek ways to learn about topics that will enhance my student's learning, such as developmental psychology, effective communication and teaching methodologies. I am happy to be a part of the Foreign Language League because I enjoy helping my students succeed in learning a new language, which I believe will enhance their lives and expand their horizons.

photo Olympia Guerra, Spanish Lead Teacher

Olympia is a native Spanish speaker fromTamaulipas,Mexico. She has a bachelor's degree in Science of Education and a minor on Training Groups at the University of Monterrey(Universidad de Monterrey, UDEM) in Monterrey, Mexico, as well as a certification in Human Resources at Monterrey Tech, ITESM, and Front Line Leadership at Zenger- Miller, in Atlanta,GA.

She has had the role of training numerous courses to different audiences. She has taught Spanish and coordinated language activities for teenagers and kids in private schools,  first in Mexico and then in South Texas, in which she lived in for the past decade.  In addition to this, she has had years of experience in visual arts, enriching her work at League with her art skills and techniques as a valuable teaching tool.

"In my teaching and training experience I can hardly separate visual art from the learning and teaching process.  And I'm convinced that EDUCATION is to children and adults what nutrients are for the human body:  the more you have, the stronger you GROW and LIVE," 



photo Liliana Ramirez Porras, Spanish Teacher

I'm Mexican Northern Mexico. (Torreon Coahuila) Study Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana and an MA in Political Science at the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. I have diplomas and certificates of various Teaching-Learning courses from the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.
My experience is 14 years in teaching. I taught different subjects in the social area in Middle School and Ninth Grade two major schools of Torreon.
"I love teaching because I find it fascinating to help transform a person's life through knowledge and skill development. Teaching is definitely my thing! "

photo Brigitte Wang, Mandarin Lead Teacher

I come from Shanghai, China, where I was born and brought up.  Five years ago, I moved to Charlotte with my family.  My son Steve who will turn 17 became interested in Spanish when he was in 7th grade as he noticed that all signs here are both in English & Spanish. Today, he can speak in Shanghai Dialect, Mandarin, English and Spanish fluently, and he keeps a passion of learning new languages.  His interest in language comes from a little practice when he was little: through watching cartoons, singing kids’ songs and playing games, he made friends with ‘English’ and ‘Japanese’ and had no fear of foreign languages.  Language ability enabled him to adapt to new environment quickly and expanded his world.  I was fully convinced that to learn foreign language, earlier is better.  Now, with about four-year experiences in teaching Mandarin, I would like to add more value to Foreign Language League and help FLL kids to make friends with ‘Mandarin’.

photo Nadine Six, French Lead Teacher

I am from France.  I was born and raised in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast. I have recently moved to Charlotte with my  family.
Coming from another country, I believe that the knowledge of another language and its culture are tremendous fundamentals for the development of our children.

My personal experience, gained through teaching French to kids associated with 20+ years in teaching, has allowed me to understand that listening and play are key in the learning process.

I am delighted to join the FLL team, and eager to make you, and your children, discover French language and culture.


photo Gina Paola Ruiz, Spanish Teacher

My name is Gina Paola Ruiz. I am married and a mom to a precious baby daughter.  I was born in Quito, Ecuador and my passion for teaching started when I was very young.   My mother ran a daycare and I loved being able to help her with the children.  I came to the US when I was in 10th grade and was able to assist with ESL.  Since then, I have taught small groups and helped with the Children's Ministry at my church.  I am very happy to be a part of the FLL team.  My goal is that kids have fun while learning Spanish and enjoy my class.

  Ellen Cotton, Spanish Teacher

Hola! My name is Ellen Cotton. I am a busy Mom with 4 children. I lived in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico for several years growing up. I taught English to elementary students at the Instituto Alpes in Saltillo. I have my Bachelors degree in Social Work, with a minor in Spanish from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. I have taught preschool and elementary Spanish for the past 11 years in the Charlotte area. I enjoy working with young students, and strive to teach a love of Spanish through fun songs and activities. I am blessed to have such a fun job and work with amazing kids!

photo Angelica Magana, Spanish Teacher

I am Angelica Magna. I was born in Mexico and have been in the US since the age of 3. When I was little we would spend all our summers back in Mexico which is a good reason I have kept so in touch with my Mexican culture. I grew up in Chicago until the age of 15 then moved to Mexico to study. As an adult I have lived in various states from Georgia, Tennessee, and Viriginia and lastly here in the beautiful and prosperous state of North Carolina. I love animals - any and all kinds and I love nature. I enjoy spending time speaking my native spanish language. I have had the great fortune to travel to Canada, Colombia South America, Ireland, the Bahamas and of course various states in Mexico. I believe that mixed cultures are the best ever! We are all a big melting pot!

photo Yan Zhou, Mandarin Teacher

'm from Xi'an, China and used to live and work in Shenzhen, a modern big city adjoined Hongkong.I started teaching Chinese (Mandarin) 5 years ago, it is so much fun and has enriched my free time after slightly dull business routine. I found my passion for teaching can boost my students' interest of learning Chinese, I'm very proud of that. My classes always focus on conversation practice and tasks fulfillment. My goal is all of the students in my class will experience brain-storm styled Q&A and practical learning materials. NC is my home now, I love its Spring and Fall. Hiking and paddling are my favorite outdoor activities in Summer. I also like playing tennis, enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh clean air.

photo Karla Wong, Spanish Teacher

I was born in Mexico.  I have a bachelor degree in Business Management and later received a master's degree in Marketing at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM ).  I'm married with 3 children and I have a dog. Living in the USA and speaking Spanish is a great opportunity to teach others my native language and it helps me grow bilingual children. I follow a simple and relaxing teaching method - speaking, reading and writing using daily situations. I love to teach Spanish! My teaching experience allows me to enjoy my time with the students and allows me to pass on my Spansh legacy.  

  Sandy Harmon, Spanish Teacher

  Audrey Chou, Mandarin Teacher
  Sharon Tian, Mandarin Teacher
  Alejandra Roberts, Spanish Teacher
photo Antje Kadau, German Teacher
Hallo, my name is Antje Kadau and I was born and raised in Germany. Five years ago, I came to Charlotte with my husband and my two daughters. I have a bachelor's degree in engineering design and drafting. In my spare time I love gardening, hiking, cycling, gymnastics, and photography. I also like meeting new people. As for my previous teaching experience, I worked as a private German teacher, and spent two years at a preschool as an assistant. I am very much enjoying working in the FLL team and looking forward teaching German to your children. Learning a new language should be interesting and fun!