Retail Prices

Thirty minute retail classes are $70 per student per month.  Forty five minute retail classes are $90 per student per month.  Requires automated bank draft or credit card payment.  Materials are included.  


Payments are due at the end of each month.  Please notify any changes on your accounts prior to due date to avoid any bank charges or late fees. We reserve the right to close at any time a class with less than 4 children.


School Prices

Will be discussed with each individual school based on their specific logistical needs. Call us for more information!


Referral Program

  •  We offer $30 off your tuition for every family you send our way who registers.
  •  If you help us established a Foreign Language League program at your child's preschool, elementary school, enrichment center, etc. you will  receive a $100 credit towards your next enrollment once we become partners with the school you referred. 

Private classes and Interpreting Services 

Private classes are $50 a class.

Please call for rate information on Interpreting Services.



If you have any questions about our registration process, please contact us at: